This Day in History: October 14

A catch worth catching on film, Sarasota 1903

A catch worth catching on film, Sarasota 1903

The town of Sarasota was incorporated today in 1902, although the incorporation did not become effective until January 1, 1903. (All those ducks had to be put in a row, right?)

The hoosegow, Sarasota FL 1903. No A/C, no screens.

Scofflaws in Sarasota lodged here.

SarasotaHistoryAlive has a great essay on their site by Ann Shank on what the laws were like then. Click the photo of the Sarasota jail, 1903, to read.

This Day in History: Howitzer on the Manatee River

Civil War era schooner

This is the Wanderer, a schooner of the Civil War era, as was the USS Stonewall. Click to read about the Wanderer.

Aug 2 1864       The schooner, U.S.S. Stonewall, moved up the Manatee River and destroyed a sawmill, a gristmill, and a sugar mill that reportedly belonged to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  No Federal casualties were reported. Read about the U.S.S. Stonewall.

This Day in History

July 27 1886  The first plat of the new town of Sarasota (December 1885) was recorded.

lewis and irene colsonLewis Colson came to Sarasota with his wife Irene. He drove the first stake into the ground to assist Richard Paulson in platting the town of Sarasota at Five Points in 1885. Sarasota was platted by the Florida Mortgage and Investment Company, a Scottish entity. More on Lewis Colson.

The Whitaker family, in Sarasota since 1843, and the Browning family, who came to Sarasota in 1885 This photo was taken in 1886 of the Whitaker family, considered the first documented permanent residents of European descent in this area, and the Brownings, who came from Scotland with the Ormiston Colony in December 1885. By this time, William Whitaker and his wife and children had lived in Sarasota for over 40 years. More on the Whitakers.