Step Up and Save YOUR Day.

Claim your day, and choose which day! Donate electronically and Linda, our site manager, will whip out her calendar for the next 365 days and reserve YOUR date.

What do you get? Bragging rights, the warm fuzzy feeling that your $128 will help us get through one more day of The Great Pause, and heck… if you want, you can even send your honored friend or relative a card telling them that

“I think so much of our history together, that I arranged [day’s date] to be dedicated at HSoSC to YOU!”

35 thoughts on “Step Up and Save YOUR Day.

  1. I made a memorial donation in honor of my mother, Gail Gustafson Thomas. She was born at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in August in the mid-40’s and was a graduate of Sarasota High Schoo in the mid 60’sl. Proud of her family, long- time residents of Sarasota, she loved her hometown. She and I enjoyed attending together Sarasota Historical Society events. ❤

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  3. Alexandra Jupin, you have given many friends their Special Day at the Historical Society! What a wonderful present! Thank you from us, and we’ve set aside December 29 to mark the birthday of your late father, Michael Jupin. He raised a good ‘un!

    • Thank you! His birthday is tomorrow and this remembrance will make it all the more special. My father was an extraordinary human being and I miss him constantly. Papa loved history and he would’ve loved HSOSC and all the good work you do for our community.

  4. It’s coming up fast… Phil Mancini’s big SIX-OH! Alexandra Jupin has gifted him with November 16 as his special day at HSoSC! Thanks for the support, Alexandra, and hope your birthday cake’s your favorite flavor, Phil!

  5. Anne Jackson, thank you for your participation in our drive to cover ongoing overhead at HSoSC! You told us to “just pick a day” and we did: so December 14 is Anne Jackson Day!

  6. Thank you, Kay Kwenski, for Claiming TWO days to help us! December 5, her father Brad’s birthday, and August 31, her parents’, Norma and Brad’s, anniversary. We’re pretty sure she would have Claimed her mother’s birthday as well, but Norma beat her to the punch and Claimed her birthday herself (as well as Kay’s birthday)!

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