The Bidwell-Wood House, the oldest residence in Sarasota County, is the headquarters of The Historical Society of Sarasota County

The Bidwell-Wood House is the oldest residence in the City of Sarasota built in 1882. Photo courtesy of Greg Wilson

SARASOTA – Native tribes claimed this land. Explorers sailed the bays. Through the years of Seminole Indian Wars, the coming of the hardy pioneers who fished the waters and cultivated the land, the Crackers who herded the cattle, and the visionaries who built a city unique in its diversity, Sarasota remains a home to be desired; a place of proud heritage.

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Crocker Memorial Church dates from the first days of the 20th century

Crocker Memorial Church Photo by Greg Wilson

We acknowledge and are grateful for the sacrifices made and creative energies expended by those who came before us. We admire and pay homage to all of those who labored to form this Sarasota home. Conserving our heritage is the Historical Society’s primary concern. Beginning in 1927 with a citizens group’s collection of historical materials and the forming of the Office of County Historian in the early 1950’s, a Sarasota County Historical Society evolved in 1959. The Society reorganized in 1977 as a not-for-profit corporation.

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The Mission of the Historical Society of Sarasota County is to foster public awareness of the rich historical heritage of Sarasota County and the state of Florida, encourage inquiry and research into this history, promote collection and preservation of memorabilia, develop a broader appreciation of its historical communities, and protect its historic sites and structures.

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