The first post office opens today

Charles Abbe, courtesy Manatee Cty Library SystemOn August 16 1878, Sarasota got its first post office. It was located in the store of Charles Abbe, in the area now known as Harbor Acres. Mail came in “fairly” regularly, delivered by horseback.

Charles Abbe Continues to Spark Fascination, a newspaper article by Janet Snyder Matthews

The (maybe) 2013 location of the first post office, an article by Harold Bubil (unfortunately this link to a Herald-Trbune article is unavailable)

Just one year later in 1879, Judge Webb was appointed postmaster and named the area where his Webb’s Winter Resort was, Osprey.

It wasn’t until 1909 that the Crocker family (yes, our very own Crockers, of Crocker Memorial Church fame) opened their post office, claiming the “southern part of Sarasota was underserved.” The location? Present-day Bay Road (the eastern extension of Bee Ridge Road) and Red Rock Lane or Red Rock Lane.

An aside: It’s said that John Webb had to rename his community from Spanish Point because the rules at that time stated that post offices had to have a single-word name . The Judge lifted his eyes in thought and saw an osprey drifting overhead. I consider it fortunate that he didn’t see a vulture. “Vulture, Florida” just doesn’t have that ring, does it?

Photograph of Charles Abbe from the Manatee County Public Library web archives

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