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Settle in, grab some popcorn, explore Sarasota County and Florida history from many sources.

The Historical Society of Sarasota County has gathered these here for your entertainment and education; we may not agree with all they say, but you are a discerning watcher, we know.

Sarasota History Alive‘s videos are first class

Oral histories of many Sarasota County residents

A 1983 look at Sarasota history

Reflections a History of Sarasota

County Libraries’ Centennial history

The uniquely American story of the circus king and his wife.

Florida Frontiers TV from the Florida Historical Society

More? Sure! How about Indian Mounds in Englewood, as presented by Dr. Steve Koski. Florida Memory has wonders to explore, including a 1950-some “Museum that a Circus Built” and speaking of the 1950s, how’s fishing? (Great bayshore shots) and Florida as a tourist attraction. And some home movies and 1944 Sarasota Army Airfield training films.

Even more: There’s also the Community Video Archives: CVA videos can be borrowed like books from any Sarasota County public library, the Jane Cook Library at New College, and the Sarasota County History Center. 

Bookmark this page; we’ll add more videos as we find them!