We celebrate Sarasota County history with our renowned lecture series Conversations at The Crocker, our Sunday Afternoon Socials and History is FUN weekday gatherings, our tours and small group gatherings.

We are pleased to be back in 2022. Our office is open Mon.-Fri. from 10 to 2. Our social media at Facebook and on our blog continue to inform and amuse. We are rescheduling some of our most beloved events, so be sure to check the Events page for our most up-to-date calendar.

Crocker Church 2010
Learn more about the challenge our community faces.

Our historic Crocker Memorial Church, harking back to the early years of the 20th century, has been used for community gatherings for over a century. It’s where we gather for Conversations at the Crocker, our Sunday Afternoon Socials, and more. Also on our campus is the Bidwell-Wood House, built in 1882, where you can experience what life was like on the Florida frontier in the 19th century.

Keeping historic buildings up is, well, a Challenge. A Giving Challenge.

The window sills are rotting and need to be replaced so that the original windows can be saved. See what we’ve done and what is waiting to be done.

Love local history?

Just north of historical downtown Sarasota, HSoSC is located in Pioneer Park on 12th Street just east of Tamiami Trail

Membership in The Historical Society of Sarasota County is open to any person interested in the history of this area and the State of Florida upon payment of dues. The Historical Society is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Click for membership form.Those wishing to pay tribute to family or friends through contributions are encouraged to contact us for details. Phone: 941-364-9076 Call today and become a part of history.

Note: On our site and social media pages, we use illustrations and vintage photographs to engage and amuse. Some of these images are stored and preserved by governmental bodies and/or private non-profit historical or genealogical groups. We mention these sources when feasible; if we cannot specifically verify the originator of an electronic image, we invite them to contact us so that we may publish an Internet original source for said image.