The rabbit hole of historical curiosity

We talked a while back about pineapples and their place in Sarasota County history.
Well, that just wasn’t enough for your Intrepid Blogger here at HSoSC. No, she had to delve into the local history of the grapefruit.

And that led to an intriguing article titled

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet

Grapefruit info found by the Historical Society of Sarasota County

Graphic from this article

when all we really were seeking was some info on a fellow by the name of Kimball Chase Atwood who was quite an important fellow in this area back when.

So here’s the rabbit hole we fell into:

Oh, and Kimball Jr., the 3rd, and the IVth? They’re a bunch of high performers, but I’ll leave that to your curiosity. I’ve gotta go walk the cat now; he’s had a close call with death today.

The Historical Society of Sarasota County's Curious Cat

*[Donezo] To be thoroughly, physically, and completely done.

Graphic altered from one on Cinema Vet Service’s website.


2 thoughts on “The rabbit hole of historical curiosity

  1. Thanks for the interesting piece on grapefruit. They were the last major citrus to reach Florida. They were introduced in 1806 by a French Count named Odet Philippe.

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