Step Up and Save YOUR Day.

Claim your day, and choose which day! Donate electronically and Linda, our site manager, will whip out her calendar for the next 365 days and reserve YOUR date.

What do you get? Bragging rights, the warm fuzzy feeling that your $128 will help us get through one more day of The Great Pause, and heck… if you want, you can even send your honored friend or relative a card telling them that

“I think so much of our history together, that I arranged [day’s date] to be dedicated at HSoSC to YOU!”

35 thoughts on “Step Up and Save YOUR Day.

  1. It’s a special added sparkle to your life, we think, to be born on Christmas Eve. Barbara Hyde was, and she added extra special sparkle to the Historical Society by Claiming December 24 as her day to Save the Day for us.
    Thank you, Barbara, and Happy Birthday!

  2. A November 18 baby, Norm Kwenski has Claimed her Day as her birthday, to help Save the Day. She’s covering the ongoing daily overhead of HSoSC during this trying time. Happy Birthday, Norma, and thank you!

  3. The Esthuses, the late Pete and his vibrant wife Diane, not only helped preserve and MAKE Sarasota history, but they also raised wonderful kids in Sarasota.

    Pam McLeod and Ken Esthus have claimed TWO days to honor their parents’ legacy: November 3 for Diane’s birthday and January 29 for Pete and Diane’s wedding anniversary.

    May we all be so fortunate in our lives, to have interests that reach others, and family that celebrates us!

  4. And here’s a day chosen “just because”… Cheryl Bernstein claims October 28 as her Claim a Day to Save the Day for HSoSC! Thank you, Cheryl!

  5. How’s THIS for a reason to Claim Your Day? Diana Forman Friedman chooses March 14, “It’s the due date for my first grandson. Benjamin David Friedman”
    Welcome to the world, Benjamin. Let’s hope you make history!

  6. Sue Padden has stepped up and claimed Thanksgiving Day, November 26, as her day to Save the Day at HSoSC. That’s in addition to organizing Clean-Up Day for Saturday October 24, as a day for members and directors to get out in the fresh air, tidy up our gardens in Pioneer Park, and enjoy seeing your friends in a socially-distanced, open-air, and fun morning of tending our native plantings!

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  8. Lynn Harding claimed a day but couldn’t decide which… so Diane Esthus suggested January 1 2021, “New Year’s Day with a wish for a great year!” We concur. Lynne has the shiny new day of January 1 2021 as her day!

  9. Marsha & Robert Fottler, Life Members HSOSC write: “We are choosing November 4, as our Pay for a Day in observance of our 53rd wedding anniversary. We know from life experience that the past informs the present. And we believe that history education is vital to our vision for the days ahead. We want to keep the Historical Society strong as it provides history education to all and preserves two of Sarasota’s most precious and community-useful historic properties.”

  10. “I donated $128 and pick November 2 as my date. It’s my birthday and I love “giving” on that day!” Jensy Richards

    • Thank you Jensy, and the happiest of birthdays to you! November 2 is now officially Jensy Richards Day at the Historical Society of Sarasota County.

  11. October 9th, is my wife Ingrid’s birthday. Would it be possible to “claim” that day? Thanks for your help. — Jim Goulder

  12. Kay Delaney has claimed two days of our choice. We chose October 14 and 15. Hope no one else wanted those two days… if you do, I’m sure Kay would be willing to swap! Thank you for your generosity and flexibility Kay!

  13. Hi Linda. I will pick the date of March 4, my Uncle Otto’s birthday. He was into history and writing, same as I am. If you want to save it for me, I’ll send as soon as I am able. I love this idea – if it was yours, well, kudos. I forwarded it to our minister as a novel idea to get donations. Love, Marie 🏡⛪


    • Hey, Marie, great to hear from you and many thanks for thinking of us by honoring your uncle. Linda will be in touch with you Tuesday, since she’s on shortened hours as so many people are in this trying time. But rest assured, she has your name on March 4! –Kate, who stands in for Linda in the e-world LOL

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