How Sarasota Became a Performing Arts Destination

How Sarasota Became a Performing Arts Destination

A panel of performing arts experts discusses how Sarasota evolved into a thriving performing arts community that attracts both tourists and permanent residents. This Conversation at the Crocker is the seventh in a series of year-long panel discussions organized and produced by the Historical Society of Sarasota County with support from SARASOTA Magazine.

There is more to the Sarasota area than great beaches, a welcoming climate and key lime pie. Tourists and those moving to our shores know that Sarasota offers a lively performing arts community with its own opera house, ballet company, symphony, theaters galore, choral music, jazz, you name it. We’re a small vibrant city with the

performing arts amenities of a much larger metropolis.

Howard Millman

Howard Millman will chair the panel in April at the Historical Society’s Conversation at the Crocker

But it didn’t happen overnight or without concentrated effort by both visionary professionals and talented volunteers. Learn how Sarasota became a performing arts destination when a panel of experts led by esteemed director Howard Millman takes the stage at The Crocker Memorial Church on Tuesday, April 9, at 7 p.m. for a conversation among colleagues that reveals how and why Sarasota celebrates the performing arts.

It’s big business in this town.

Appearing with Howard Millman (theater) on April 9, will be Jean Weidner Goldstein (ballet), Trevor Cramer (music) and Richard Russell (opera). Audience members can expect lots of revealing backstage stories as these experts chart the turbulent course of the performing arts in our community. They’ll also give their perspectives on the state of the performing arts today and observations for the future in this arts-loving town.

Audience members are invited to participate in a question and answer session.

Conversations at The Crocker highlight specific aspects of Sarasota’s past and examine pivotal events and people who have influenced Sarasota today. Conversations are free to Historical Society members; guests, $10.

All Conversations take place at The Crocker Memorial Church and proceeds from this series help to maintain the Historical Society’s two heritage properties at Pioneer Park – the Bidwell-Wood House (1882, Sarasota’s oldest private residence) and the Crocker Memorial Church (1901). Docent-led tours of both buildings are available an hour before each of the Conversations at The Crocker events. And the Gift Shop is open, featuring locally made crafts and a wide array of books about regional history.  For more information contact Site Manager Linda Garcia at 364-9076 Monday – Friday from 10 til 2.

4 thoughts on “How Sarasota Became a Performing Arts Destination

  1. I’m currently researching How Sarasota Became a Performing Arts Destination, and came across your mention of the panel discussion. Just curious, was there ever a video or summary of the April event? Or could you point me in the right direction for relevant info on the topic? Thanks greatly,

    • Greg, so sorry you missed the presentation, and alas, no video or summary available! Perhaps those who appeared on the panel might be willing to help you out, though.

  2. My name is Laura Martin I reside at 1700 Vamo dr. Our home is 113 years old and am interested in the historical society qualifications. Our home was once a hospital, and an inn back in the 20’s. we are located on 5 a res on the water. We have an abundance of history associated with this old house, that we currently reside in.

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Martin

    • Mrs. Martin, how nice of you to follow our blog… and your home, I’m sure, is divinely historic! I think, though, what you are looking for are the guidelines for governmental historic designation. For that, your best resource to start with would be The History Center off Cattleman Drive. They are the offical, government-run county repository of historical records and artifacts, and they’d know who to direct you to: county, state, Federal programs re historic designation are all slightly different.
      I’m the first to admit that the name “Historical Society of Sarasota County” sounds like we’re a government entity, but we are a private, non-profit association of history lovers who preserve, protect and polish the two historical buildings on our campus in Pioneer Park. We’d love to have you come visit… and we’d love to visit YOUR home!

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