Rah Rah Riverview High!

130327 riverview high

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The Historical Society extends its best wishes for Riverview High School’s two History Bowl Teams, heading for the National History Bowl in Washington DC in April.

Riverview Teams Headed for National History Bowl!

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The junior and senior History Bowl team members take rigorous history courses, including AP European History, AP U.S. History, IB history of the Americas and AP world history. Perhaps some day, we could hear them on Sarasota County history!

Here’s the Sarasota Herald-Trib article.

History Bowl logo from here; photo of Riverview High School from here.

2 thoughts on “Rah Rah Riverview High!

  1. The Historical Society is contemplating a Pirates Event at our annual Pioneer Day on November 16th this year! If YOU have any wonderful ideas for making this a community wide, wonderful day in Pioneer Park, for children and adults, please get in touch with us! It should be a great and fun event for the whole family! We’ll keep you posted! Jane Kirschner-Tuccillo

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