Has it been a memorable year for your family? Make it an historical year!

As another “season” draws to a close here in Sarasota County, it’s time, naturally enough, for Historical Society fans, members, and followers to look back.

Did something memorable happen for your family this year? A significant anniversary (well, of course they all are) or birthday? Did you finally make the decision to make Sarasota your home? Was there a wedding, a birth, or, sadly, a loss you’d like to mark?

Commemorate your own personal history with a brick from the historic Seaboard Airline Railroad!

Bricks at Bidwell-Wood HouseThe Historical Society of Sarasota County, led by beloved late member Pete Esthus,  salvaged the bricks from Main Street and Lemon Avenue when the station depot was being demolished.  We have them laid as the walkway into the 1882 Bidwell-Wood House, Sarasota County’s oldest surviving residence, for a lasting memorial.  Each year the new etched bricks are laid on Pioneer Day with a

celebration for new brick owners.

You can honor anyone or any event with an etched historic brick.  A donation of $100 or more creates a permanent reminder of your loved ones and highlights your participation in Sarasota History.

To inscribe a brick for yourself, to honor a family member or commemorate a life milestone in front of this historic home, simply print out this form. If you’d like to charge your donation to MasterCard or VISA, call Linda Garcia, Site Manager, any weekday between 10 and 2 at 941-364-9076. Questions? Call or email us at hsosc@yahoo.com.


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