Ready. Set. Give. (Just not YET!)

Ready. Set. Give.
Turn $50 into $100…
or $1000 into $2000 or even more!

$501,000 to be given away: The more we give, the more we can get!

36 hours only, 6am Tuesday, March 27 to 6pm Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donate at least $25 by debit or credit card and we could get
Matching Funds!

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation & Manatee Community Foundation—with the support of The Patterson Foundation—are providing matching funds of $501,000 to be distributed to qualifying non-profits in an exciting time-sensitive on-line event.

Bookmark this site, which will go live at 6am Tuesday March 27:
and help HSOSC make your generous donation go farther!

Here’s how YOU can help:

How can I make my donation worth more?
While we always welcome any donation, for this event your donation must made for $25 or more on debit or credit card between 6am Tues, March 27 & 6pm Weds, March 28 at

How exactly will this work?
With state-of-the-art online security, you can contribute any amount to HSOSC and help us accumulate more than you donate!

EARLY TO RISE: Over $350,000 will be a straight 1:1 match. First come first served! Give at 6am on Tuesday, March 27! How you can help: Set your alarm. Be prepared with your credit card info, and donate while the coffee’s still perking!

READY: The first 20 nonprofits to get 50 unique donations of $50 or more will receive $1,500. How you can help: Split your family donations. Use a unique name and credit card, as well as a unique email address, and split your donation into $50 increments. (You can use the same computer to make two or more donations.)

STEADY: $100,000 goes to the top 20 nonprofits with the most unique donors, regardless of amount donated. How you can help: Encourage family and friends to participate in this challenge!

STAYING UP LATE: Every hour of the 36-Hour Challenge, one donor will be drawn at random, and their cause will receive $250. The chances of YOUR donation winning this go UP, the fewer donors there are. How you can help: If you’re a night owl, donate in the wee hours. You, and HSOSC, stand a better chance to win!

MAKE A HAC: Create a Historical Action Committee: gather 4 friends, each giving $5 or $10, and have one of you use your credit card to make a $25 or $50 donation. How you can help: On Monday evening, March 26, contact and get small pledges from friends and neighbors close and far. Then get up early on Tuesday March 27, and donate the total you’ve accumulated, using your credit card, at

WILD CARD! To keep things hopping, the Giving Partner Challenge will reveal, on Wednesday afternoon March 28, more ways that alert and interactive nonprofits can earn up to $18,000 more. How you can help: Set your watch, cell phone, or timer to 1pm on Wednesday and check out to see if there’s a way for you to help the Historical Society win!

THE NO-COST WAY TO HELP: For those who cannot donate at this time as well as for donors, and for those with friends who support the mission of the Historical Society, there’s $5,000 to each of the top 2 nonprofits with the most unique clicks through to their profiles from How you can help: Just read our profile and ask all your friends, via phone, email or social media to do so as well! Bookmark our profile right now at and prepare your emails or Facebook entries for scheduling during the 36-hour window we have!

TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER? If you’d like to participate but can’t take the time, we will be happy to submit your donation to the web site for you. How you can help: Simply contact Linda Garcia, Board Member, in our office, Mon.- Fri. 10 to 2 at 941-364-9076 or via email at before March 27 and she can handle all the details for you.

Whatever you, as a supporter of our history in Sarasota County, can do to help us win some matching funds and prizes, is sincerely appreciated. The Giving Partner is using this exciting event to introduce their internet tool which will enable generous private and corporate donors to examine how much a part of their community any nonprofit group is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we earned bragging rights to

the most passionate supporters of county historical preservation!

Help the Historical Society of Sarasota County leverage your gift

Help the Historical Society of Sarasota County leverage your gift

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