Wow! They are really psyched!

Wow! They are really psyched!

(Can you say that about the avid supporters of our historic Sarasota museum? Sure!)

There is a pot of gold, and we need your help finding it

There is a pot of gold, and we need your help finding it

After Tuesday night’s monthly meeting (thanks, gentlemen, terrific panel discussion on Sarasota architecture!) dozens of future philanthropists, both members of the Historical Society and visitors who enjoyed our free event, told us they were

excited to be able to make their donations go further with the upcoming Giving Partners Challenge, a awareness-raising event to introduce The Giving Partner, an online tool that will provide in-depth information about local nonprofits to help leverage philanthropy in our community. As a partnership between the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, The Patterson Foundation and Manatee Community Foundation, the Historical Society of Sarasota County has been selected as only one of three history-oriented nonprofits in the entire area to participate!

Just think… we could double the value of our generous donations, win a $250-an-hour prize… or even win $20,000

JUST for asking ALL our friends to visit our profile on the Giving Partners site. Learn about this once-in-a-lifetime event, mark your calendar for March 27 and 28, and help us find the pot of gold that will help

preserve and protect

the Oldest Residence in Sarasota County, and the Crocker Church, with its original glass and hand-hewn pews!

Read more about this unprecedented event.

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