The Historical Society is one of just three…

The Historical Society of Sarasota County has achieved this staus!The Historical Society is one of just three non-profits in our area with a focus on history to complete its profile for use at TheGivingPartner.

What does that mean to members of HSOSC?

As the Community Foundation writes:

Local foundations have joined together to power The Giving Partner, a free online tool to share community knowledge about charitable organizations in Southwest Florida, helping donors and citizens make more informed decisions about their philanthropy.  —Read the full article

We would never expect any donor to help HSOSC out financially without examining our mission, our needs and our projects. As a member or close ally with us, you know us. But many philanthropically-minded folks interested in this area would love to know how to use their generous donations wisely, and that’s what The Giving Partner is all about.

The rigors of submitting acceptable reports to this group have involved many hours and much effort by Board members and volunteers, and was ably pulled together by Linda Garcia, our angel in the attic Site Manager and Board member. Now donors can “check us out” before they donate. Kudos to all who helped!

Watch for the coming announcement about how your donation to HSOSC can be spectacularly leveraged, and how you, your family and friends and online social groups can help!

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