Carl Abbott: HSoSC Hero of History 2023

Trying to sum up Carl Abbott, the Historical Society of Sarasta County’s 2023 Hero of History, is like trying to freeze, in one moment, the earth and sea, sky and clouds. We cannot possibly say anything about the man and his work that has not

already been said better by Barbara Peters Smith:

Read the full article about Abbott and others of the Sarasota School of Architecture in this Spring 2019 issue of FORUM, the online magazine of

As of this writing, there are still some available seats for the event on Tuesday February 21:

An elegant luncheon salute to the 2023 Hero of History, when one dedicated individual will be placed in our Hero of History roster. For 2023, HSoSC celebrates architect and history maker Carl Abbott – his life, his work and his lasting impact on Modernism. Reception, Luncheon
and Program at Michael’s on East. $100. Accepting reservations now. Call 941-364-9076 (Office is open Mon-Fri. 10-2) or email

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