Make Sarasota County Smell Sweet Again

It’s official: citrus is back for the home landscape!

As Florida Master Gardeners writes: Since the introduction of citrus greening to Florida in 2005, homeowners have been discouraged from growing citrus at home. However, UF/IFAS is now recommending the planting of citrus trees again and has provided a new line of support for those who are interested.

UF/IFAS is piloting an initiative called “Citrus in the Home Landscape” this spring, and it includes a new website and an email address dedicated solely for scientists to answer your citrus care questions.

Read the full article on the initiative on UF/IFAS News:…/uf-ifas-launches-new…/

Many thanks to Deb Benedict of Benhaven Haven for alerting us to this wonderful development!

2 thoughts on “Make Sarasota County Smell Sweet Again

  1. whellll !!! that’s very cool.  do you think I should go back into the
    fruit shipping business???

    nope!! been there, done that enough!

    hugs,  I will try to be there on friday, but NOT saturday… depending
    on if I’m still feeling as bad and punky as I do now!

    gotta get down to Englewood and find more Vendors for History Day!

    hugs, jane

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