Fill ‘er up!

No, the Historical Society of Sarasota County isn’t offering a tankful of gas (goodness knows we don’t have the wherewithal to gift you with that!) but we’re talking about

our Ephemera Trunk!

It’s sitting proudly in the parlour of the Bidwell-Wood House awaiting any historical documents you’ve found in your junk drawer, your parents’ shoebox storage, or your grandparents’ scrapbooks. The theater tickets pictured below, we found being used as bookmarks in some books at a local thrift shop!

Keep an eye out for what YOU might consider tossables… but which YOUR grandchildren will delight in finding in the archives of the county’s Historical Resources department, with which we’re collaborating for this effort. (Read more, including how we are not them and they are not us.)

Some examples of Sarasota County Ephemera

Please bring your items to us when we are open, generally 10 am to 2 pm Tuesday- Friday. Do not leave items on our doorstep or they will be ruined. Call ahead to be sure we’re here, at 941-364-9076.

6 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up!

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  3. We always enjoy your information and look forward to future educational programs. So sorry to see the obituary today of Owen Burns’ daughter whom we saw so often at the Crocker presentations. A couple of years ago I mentioned at the time of a “conversation” evening that I had rescued what I’m sure is an antique wooden high chair (an elderly neighbor was moving). I would love to donate it to the Bidwell house if you determine that it would fit in. It’s probably 1930’s. I’d be sorry to see it junked and surely Goodwill or one of the other resale organizations would toss it. When can I bring it for someone to check it out and hopefully accept it? Thanks, Amy Ferrell 941-xxx-xxxx

  4. When are you offering your trolley historical tours? I am a member of a women’s educators organization and we are interested in possibly participating in one if we can make the schedule work. 🙂There are 18 of us.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Schuerholz—Winters

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