Last Gathering this Season… a great one!

Our Sunday Afternoon Socials at 2 pm are casual, cafe-style events complete with wine and refreshments, and feature some of the most interesting people around. This month we welcome two historical writers who have turned their research into fish ranchos and early development into a fascinating tale of the 1840s-1900 Manatee and Sarasota areas.

Peggy Donoho and Ron Prouty will be telling the true tale of everyday settlers who populated our area.

They are the authors of Miguel’s Bay, about the people who lived in the Terra Ceia Bay area (that area you are in when you cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge), the Manatee River towns Bradenton and Palmetto, and the Sarasota Bay area.

Miguel was a fisherman from Menorca who fished the waters from the bay now named after him all the way to Sarasota. He courted a Bavarian immigant who worked on the Manatee River and married her, despite

their not having a language in common.

Miguel Bay in Terra Ceia (you’ve seen it as you sped by…)

Follow Miguel as he fights in the Seminole Wars and the Civil War.  Stand by as he sails the waters of this whole area and makes friends with folks like the Whitakers.

The authors will have the book available for purchase at the event.  Learning about our forerunners while enjoying cafe seating with complimentary wine and refreshments, is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Come time travel at our Sunday Afternoon Social on Sunday April 24 at 2 p.m. Members, $5, not-yet-members, $10. 

And now a word from your sponsors: Help HSoSC continue to bring you local history by donating during Giving Challenge Tu Ap 26 noon to Wed noon. All donations up to $100 will be doubled by the Patterson Foundation.

7 thoughts on “Last Gathering this Season… a great one!

  1. It’s always the same few so it is also the same with HSOSC but never the less this organization wouldn’t be (at all!) without Pete and Companies doggedness, and Jane and several more.
    Their legacy has been extended and expanded and carried forth through COVID by Linda and Marsha. So it’s time for a standing ovation!

  2. Many thanks!  This is wonderful.  Peggy said they might not wear their costumes because of the heat, just sayin…Sue

    • Sorry, we buried the lede didn’t we, way down the blog post… “Come time travel at our Sunday Afternoon Social on Sunday April 24 at 2 p.m.” It was wonderful, JB, sorry you missed it!

    • Non members are always welcome to come taste our offerings! We’re hoping you’ll like what we do and decide to support us with membership. And re spouses? Always welcome, especially if they are interested and will help move chairs and tables (just kidding, of course 🙂 )

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