Your weekend reading!

We’ve made available to all, two small publications on Sarasota history that can be difficult to find. They’re available, along with a full weekend’s worth of reading, on our Articles page. Our thanks to Board Member Deb Walk for the tech work on these two new additions, which have a lovely surprise: For those of you doing local history research,

Deb even made the PDFs searchable… which to this writer is such a blessing!

Sarasota Over My Shoulder: In 1996, to celebrate Sarasota County’s 75th anniversary, the Sarasota County Commission published this booklet. We’re thrilled to present it in its entirety, in the 2006 reprint version, on our website as a PDF, courtesy of our board member Deb Walk. It’s the perfect introduction to our area by an eminent scholar, Janet Snyder Matthews.

In 1988, the Historical Society of Sarasota County published Sarasota Origins, a book of articles on county history by local historians. It’s a fascinating look at the various facets of our history, including information from Marion Almy, Lillian Burns, Marian Gruters, Myrtle Lane, and Jere Parker, with additional material from Betty Jane Oelerich and D.A.Gordon (Deborah) Dart. A special treat for historians are the “Thoughts from Early Settlers”, first-hand recallings in their own words.
Alas, there were no subsequent publications. Perhaps its time for another volume?

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