If you couldn’t join us, you missed a treat!

Oh, if you weren’t there, #youshouldhavebeen! For our 37th Historic Sarasota Bay Cruise, the weather was glorious, narrator John McCarthy was awesome, and Capt. Eric of LeBarge took us to places we’ve never been before!

How John knows all that stuff, how the valued volunteers Norma Kwenski and Sue Padden and board members Brenda Lee Hickman and Jon Stone and our Site Manager Linda Garcia manage to keep even our 37th Historic Sarasota Bay Cruise fresh and not-to-be-missed is a wonder! Join HSoSC to keep up with all the goings on at the Society! https://hsosc.com/be-a-part-of-history/membership/

Above: The VIP Boarders waiting to, well, board, LeBarge for our 37th Sarasota Bay Cruise… some for their first time (Hello Australia and Norway visitors!), some for repeat trips. They don’t know it yet but they’r’e in for a treat… Captain Eric took a fresh route, and we saw things you wouldn’t have expected! Ospreys diving, dolphins herding their Sunday brunch into the shallows, and… a SHIPWRECK!
N.B: The trash can declined to participate so it was left dockside. Its loss!

Above: Jon Stone, incognito in his shades and straw hat, entertaining the waiting hordes. He also became an impromptu server as he passed around snacks several times during the cruise… we were all too busy seeking out what John McCarthy was pointing out to us (Shell Beach! Bay Island! Sailing prams and sandbars where they used to swim au naturel!) to actually visit the buffet table!

Above: Our long-time friend, past President, Guide to All That Works, John McCarthy, moments before he took the mic to send us on a 2-hour voyage to the past, regaling us with what went before (all the way back to the 1500s!) and how it relates to what’s happening today in Sarasota.

What went before and how it influences today… sounds like the topic for our upcoming Conversation at the Crocker on Tuesday March 8 at 7pm…. read about THAT here.

2 thoughts on “If you couldn’t join us, you missed a treat!

  1. That was one AWESOME tour, as usual!!!! John is AWESOME TOO!!!! Loved it!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! AGAIN MS. LINDA!!! you are AWESOME also!!!! You sure know to put it all together Ms. Linda!!!! My guest loved every minute and was very impressed!!! XXOO To the BEST!!! Ali Kleber

  2. Kate What a nice wrap-up. Let’s hope that those who missed out will remember for number 38. HA!!

    Brenda Lee Hickman

    Instructor of CLASSROOM ON WHEELS and Day Tripping with ACE Adult & Community Enrichment Suncoast Technical College Sarasota County Schools Home: 941-921-9392 BrendaLeeHickman@comcast.net mailto:BrendaLeeHickman@comcast.net


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