Yes, it’s fall in Sarasota.

For a climate not known for its subtly, our semi-tropical Sarasota lets autumn sneak up on us. Maybe youve noticed those beach sunsets come earlier and earlier? It’s already before 8. By Halloween, the sun will be setting at 6:45 p.m, and by Thanksgiving? It’ll be dark by 5:30 or so.
And how about your pool temperature? It’s going down even though

air temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. Just so you know: the average high in early September is 90. By the end of November, the average high will be 75.

For me, fall arrives when the golden rain tree on my way to the library turns dusty pink then autumnal brown.

Maybe for you, it’s when the muhly grass turns pink.

The beauty berry plumps up (read what you can do with this harvest.)

The blackeyed Susans compete with the beach sunflowers for Showiest Bloom.

And the Virginia creeper, latest of all fall signals, lets you know when you should start Christmas shopping.

Love our local flora? Join us Saturday October 9 starting at 9am, to help us groom our campus gardens. (We’ll be digging in the dirt ’til noon, so come a bit later if you wish.) Bring gloves, any garden tools you have, maybe a bag of mulch, and learn how to “winterize” Sarasota plantings. Fresh air! Nature! Friends to meet!

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