Let’s straighten that hat, shall we?

You probably haven’t noticed, what with the world being tilted on its own axis these 18+ months and everyone waiting for it to settle down, but the steeple of our historic Crocker Memorial Church has needed a little resettling itself, so to speak.

So, being the

custodians of this Sarasota County landmark, we called in the big guns AKA that lifter thingie*, to do just that.

BTW, hope you noticed the NEW handicap parking space in the above photo. Our members and supporters may not be present in corporeal form yet, but thank goodnss, they’re helping us move forward in 2021!

* I tried to google it but I must not have the right name for it. Heck, if I knew the right name I wouldn’t need Google, am I right????

Photo of man and hat by Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio

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