Browsing Sarasota History

Did you know you can read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune all the way back to 1925 (Volume 1, Issue 2… apparently the first edition is lost to history, at least lost to Google!)? The gathering seems to stop in 2008.sarasota heraldtribune 1925

Google’s put all editions they had up. And the H-T used to have 8 pages of color comics in the Sunday edition. I miss that.

See the Sarasota Herald-Tribune archives on Google now.

Wouldn’t it be fun to print out the paper for a friend’s birthday… and then give that friend a membership in the Historical Society as a gift? A lot more meaningful than another box of chocolates!

2 thoughts on “Browsing Sarasota History

  1. I love all of the information on this site and learning more about Sarasota. I am becoming a member now..
    Erin McWhorter, Your Sarasota Real Estate Professional

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