Thank you for being a part of HSoSC!

We appreciate your donation to The Historical Society of Sarasota County.

If you’re not a current member of the Historical Society, we’d love it if you’d join us! Here’s our membership info. If there’s a question we can answer, give Linda a call during those same hours at 941-364-9076.

If you would like to donate time and talent in addition to cash, we are always pleased to expand our volunteer corps. Chat with Linda and she’ll help you find the best (and most fun!) use for your skills.

The Historical Society's gardenAnd know that you are always welcome to stop by our site at Pioneer Park in Sarasota to attend a meeting or event, or just enjoy our Florida-friendly landscape and the view from our beautiful back porch!

4 thoughts on “Thank you for being a part of HSoSC!

  1. The Sarasota Herald article should have listed how to donate. How about a “Go Fund Me” page? I donated to the historical society.

    • Hi Harold, and thanks for the suggestion. AND your contribution!
      I haven’t been able to raise that idea of GoFundMe to the Board of Directors of the HSoSC, but I’m guessing they’d consider it new-fangled LOL
      And alas, the H-T is not always as on the ball as they might be (don’t get me started), but I used to love the “What You need to Know” type of handy info blocks other papers used to use, didn’t you?

  2. Linda:
    I pick January 19, 2021 for my special day as it will be our 36 wedding anniversary.
    Beth and Boris Malden

    • Thank you Elizabeth and Boris! If Linda has your contact info (she seems to know everyone in the county!) , she’ll get in touch on Tuesday Oct 6 when she’s in the HSoSC office. If she doesn’t have your number, leave a message today or give her a call at 941-364-9076. Or email her at And Happy Anniversary… something nice to look forward to!

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