Lookin’ good!

Our pretty campus in Pioneer Park got some extra lovin’ recently. Linda Garcia, our Site Manager, writes:

We stacked up 32 bags during our few hours’ work on Saturday and they were all picked up on Monday!  There will be a wedding in the Crocker Memorial Church on Saturday, so we made an all-hands-on-deck effort to clear out the storm debris. Sue Padden is working on the flower boxes on the front porch.  What a CREW and what great work we accomplished.  Thanks so much.  Linda

Take a look at these avid volunteers:

You can admire their handiwork and thank them personally at Tuesday’s Conversation at the Crocker on November 8 at 7pm. Deborah Walk, board member, archivist, and all-round expert raker, will present The Crocker Church: Past, Present and Future. Learn more.

If you miss gardening (maybe you live in a high rise without a pot to plant in? Or a condo which frowns on native plants?) and love to contribute to our community, sign yourself up as a volunteer dirt-digger, leaf-raker, needle-sweeper by emailing Linda at hsosc1@gmail today! She’ll keep a roster and contact you when there’s horticultural chores to see to!

2 thoughts on “Lookin’ good!

  1. Though it was HOT< FUN, Hard Work…. with the crew we had there, it was really a lively gathering of a few hardy souls helping our site look great again! We need another truck load of shell though for the driveway, we discovered!!!

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