Read Florida History for Free

Is your house overwhelmed with books? You just can’t resist the opportunity to learn more… but there are books “stacked on the floor, books kept in baskets” and so on? Well, we’re here to help you save some space.

We’ve found some digital books that we think you’ll like, and all they occupy are some gently-used electrons that are infinitely recyclable… in other words…

Here’s some PDFs available for the low low cost of FREE!

If you know of more free reading about Florida and its history, please add them in the comments.

The Digital Library of the Caribbean offers:

The Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida by Jerald T. Milanich
The African American Heritage of Florida
The Architecture of Leisure, about the Flagler and Plant Hotels and how they formed a large part of our history.

The above books are also available in hard copy at University Press of Florida and would make wonderful holiday gifts for Florida lover friends.

And another free book that will absorb you for hours, if not days: The Artists of Old Florida by Fred Frankel (and be sure to dabble in the separate articles and artists listings there as well.)

From the Art Gallery section of

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