Hello, I’m a cabbage palm.

Are you as bad at names as I am? Don’t you wish everything, from people to birds, wore their names on their chests?

Well, guess what…

the trees on The Ringling’s grounds have the digital equivalent of those stick-on nametags!

Using a software program, you can have a lovely fall outing, strolling under the shade of a tree that you’ve just been introduced to. For example, meet Pseudobombax ellipticum.

You can call her Bombi, if you like.

Here’s how to use the program while touring the Ringling.

Of course, we all know the name of our front-yard tree that shades the Bidwell-Wood House on our campus at 1260 12th Street in Pioneer Park, and why it’s such a symbol of the Historical Society. It has the same qualities as our members. (And no, we do NOT address her as Miss Piggy.)

4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m a cabbage palm.

      • Even I have no idea what I am saying. I meant to say Cabbage Palm. ” Hello, I am a Cabbage Palm. I thought it was funny. I have a very strange mind. That tree that is always trying to kill me in front of our “campus” is, I think, a pignut hickory. It drops neat little round nuts that turn into ball bearings when they hit the ground. Send you sliding on your …. If that doesn’t finish you off ,it will try to kill you with the nut bombs it sends down on your head. Don’t mess with we HSOSC people. We may be a little odd, but we are tough!

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