Help the History Center

Love local history? Get into it up to your elbows, suggests Marsha Fottler, President of the Historical Society.

Click to learn all the various aspects of volunteering at the county’s Historical Resources.

When important documents and artifacts are donated to the Historical Society of Sarasota County, we bring them to the History Center, where professionals can conserve and store them. Why? Because we do not have the proper security, climate control, or storage space to professionally archive these heritage things. At the History Center many items are digitalized and all are categorized and preserved in a way that the public can have access to them for personal or academic research.  Many members of the Historical Society enjoy volunteering at the History Center and click here for some areas that could have appeal. Volunteering at the History Center is a way of learning more about the history of Sarasota County and you’ll meet new friends who feel the same way.

Marsha Fottler, President HSOSC

More about how you can help and learn.

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