Taking a ride on Mr. Ferris’ creation

This day in history June 21 1893, features the debut of a monumental contraption that our very own Bertha Palmer , before she became the Legendary Lady of Sarasota, got the first ride on:

The Ferris Wheel!

Built to one-up the Eiffel Tower of the previous World’s Fair: it’s big AND it moves!

It was big. Very big. Each car held 60 riders. It cost 50 cents to ride it. I’m guessing Bertha, as President of the Board of Lady Managers for the Columbian Exposition, Chicago’s World’s Fair, was comped.

Alas, it was dynamited and sold for scrap less than 15 years later. The mummies, next door, lasted a lot longer.

Learn more about Bertha Palmer, her life in Chicago and in Sarasota, by booking our very own Bertha Palmer to present this fascinating woman’s life story as a costumed first-person interpretation to your group or club by contacting our Site Manager Linda Garcia at hsosc1@gmail.com or 941-364-9076.

Read the June 22 1893 newspaper article.

One thought on “Taking a ride on Mr. Ferris’ creation

  1. But, Happily there is a newer version of the Wheel, still out on the Navy Pier in Chicago!!! What a view that must be of the Lake and the Windy City! I’m too scared to ever hitch a ride though! Thanks for this fun connection of Bertha’s and the White City, to Sarasota!

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