Always a bigger project…

Getting all new studs

You know how it goes. You plan just a little shoring-up, a minor refresh…. and then the project grows and grows.

Here at the Historical Society, we want to do things right, so that the Crocker Memorial Church

is good for another 100+ years. And if that means every single stud of that west wall should be replaced… well, the bullet has been bitten and the smell of fresh lumber is wafting through our campus.

Pay no attention to that south wall. Its turn will come.

Next up, once our carefully-preserved windows are back up and the siding and support beam and site grading and drainage and more is complete, will be the steeple. Take a look at the above photo and you’ll see it, too, needs a make-over. After 100, it’s patch-patch-patch.

Thank goodness for your continuing support. Goodness knows, this small piece of early-20th-century Sarasota needs to be preserved here in Pioneer Park. If you’d like to participate in preserving a visual reminder of the city you know and love, we’d appreciate it.

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