Colorful Reminders of History

Decorators are always talking about a POP of color to enliven your rooms. “Well,” says your Intrepid Historical Society Blogger, “What better color for a POP than orange.” And how perfect is orange for a Florida decorating scheme? Color-appropriate what with the blues and greens we often use to remind us of the beauty outdoors…

and history-appropriate as well, since many of the pioneers in this area came here to grow citrus?

Which leads me to the point I am attempting to make. There’s nothing more fun than collecting the colorful illustrations that served as orange crate labels back-in-the-day. Here’s some to get you started. These are all local, but you can find crate labels from all over Florida, California, Texas, and even some Spanish labels online. Real, or reproduction, these graphics are mouth-watering fun!

(Well, Alva’s not terribly local… but who can resist an anthropomorphic alligator?)


2 thoughts on “Colorful Reminders of History

  1. But hey!!! We need to update our Calendar of Events… since we HAVE one special event coming up on Sat. Feb. 13th.. yes!!! the Day before Valentine’s Day, … Our Annual Sparkly Saturday, inside the Crocker Church where you can find all KINDS of jewelry, in all price brackets, fitting for all tastes! But wait, there’s more… Outside, on the front and back porches of the historic Bidwell House, you’ll find treasures from the past AND future, and if you’d like to stroll the grounds, you’ll be greeted by many artisans and authors selling their wares and designs! Y’all come and have fun, but be masked!! 9-2 are the hours. See you there!

  2. Cool of you to mention the artistic crate labels!!! When we owned the Blue Heron Gift Fruit Shippers, a citrus business since 1946 here in Sarasota (formerly located at 7440 on the N. Trail) or was it 7449?? we started collecting fruit crate labels! I’d give anything now to find one of our Blue Heron fruit CRATES!!!!

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