“Is it for me?” comes to Sarasota

Sarasota FL gets its first telephone exchange, 1904This Day in History: “1904– With a crank and a jingle, 48 subscribers entered the telephone age as Sarasota got its first telephone exchange. Miss Woodruff was the town’s first operator. The owners had expected only 25 customers or so.” — from Yesterday’s Sarasota 1993 Calendar by J Whitcomb Rylee in conjunction with HSoSC. (The photo’s from a book for sale on eBay; if you’re quick you can get it!)

2 thoughts on ““Is it for me?” comes to Sarasota

  1. My grandmother was a telephone operator in Marine City, Michigan around 1910. She was about 17 years old. She was given the job, after a horrible storm on the Great Lakes, to call the new widows (those whose husbands had been lost at sea, to tell them that they were widow. Great job for a young girl. Can you even imagine how awful that must have been for her?

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