Can you hear a pin drop?

Is it just, well, too quiet around your place? We have some audio suggestions.

With selections like Fire on the Mountain, Pat Shields, John McCutcheon & the Roberts Brothers,
Florida Memory Radio is presented by the State Archives of Florida. It is part of the Florida Memory Program, whose mission is to provide free online access to a growing number of archival resources from the collections of the State Library and Archives.

Florida Memory Radio provides worldwide, around-the-clock access to the Florida Folklife Collection recordings housed in the State Archives of Florida. Programming includes bluegrass & old-time, blues, folk, gospel, Latin and world music. Through the work of folklorists and archivists, as well as the legacy of creation passed on to future generations by the artists themselves, this music is preserved and enjoyed.

The Brox Sisters plus teddy bear!

(As curious as I am? Click the pic for The Brox Sisters doing Marlene Dietrich)

Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine of the Florida Historical Society is a weekly, half-hour radio program, a combination of interview segments and produced features covering history-based events, exhibitions, activities, places and people in Florida. We explore the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promote awareness of heritage and culture tourism options in the state. Stream them whenever it gets too quiet at home.

And finally, If you like moving pictures served up with your audio, we offer up Florida Frontiers Television.

(And when you get tired of all the noise, turn the speakers off and read all the Florida history articles they have for you here.)

There, these free sources should liven the amosphere up. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Can you hear a pin drop?

  1. Send our very own Sal Garcia a little request and get one of his wonderful cds. Remember Omni??? You can probably get some cds featuring Omni, too!

  2. Thanks for the radio tips!!! I’ve been just recently listening to books from our Selby Library on CloudLibrary, or something like that! a wonderful neighbor set it up for me, and the first book I listened to, while needlepointing more cmas stockings, was… Uncle Tom’s Cabin !! Had never before read it, and figured IT WAS TIME !! but, it was narrated, strangely.. by a Brit ! Now I can’t wait to get to Cincinnati to visit the Underground Railway Museum, and follow it up to Maryland, where I did alot of my upgrowing!!

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