We are living in historic times.

A message during the COVID-19 pandemic from our Board of Directors.

The Historical Society and the 2020 Giving Challenge, Sarasota

We are living in historic times. You don’t need the Historical Society of Sarasota County to tell you this, I know. But I do want to tell you something that is vitally important…

The 2020 Giving Challenge is presented
by the Community Foundation of Sarasota
County with giving strengthened by
The Patterson Foundation.

15 thoughts on “We are living in historic times.

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  4. WOW, I love you all and your hearts, thank you on behalf of children & families in Sarasota & Manatee Counties from Hope 4 Communities.

    • Thank you Pam, and best wishes for your fundraising during the upcoming 2020 Giving Challenge. While we have a great need to preserve the Crocker Memorial Church right now, we wanted to emphasize that buildings are nothing without healthy and prosperous families to enjoy them.

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  6. This blog is a great idea!. Thank you for recognizing that COVID-19 is, among other things, an important historical event.

    • Priscilla, we look forward to working together again. HSoSC loves the Edson Keith Mansion at Phillippi Estate Park!

    • Thank you, Rosemary. The Board treasures your efforts to and looks forward to soon working hand-in-hand with you.

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