Please don’t let the Crocker Memorial Church die.

UPDATE APRIL 2022: We have completed the preservation and repair of the west wall of the Church with your financial help and hard work by our supporters and talented craftsmen. We even managed to help our Eagle Scout-to-be get in there and create an additional handicap space, and straightened the steeple while we were at it. Now, in 2022, we are facing the task of working on the east wall. You know the saying: “After 100, it’s patch, patch, patch.” Won’t you help us preserve, protect, and present this building which has been a community gathering spot for over 100 years? There’s a donation button here, where you can even pledge a monthly amount to help. Thank you in advance!

The Historical Society and indeed, our whole county, can be proud that we have preserved the Crocker Memorial Church for continual use as a gathering place for our community.

Other communities have not been so fortunate. On the left, below, Island Grove Church as seen on Abandoned Florida and on the right, our vibrant, attractive Crocker Memorial Church at 1260 12th Street in Sarasota.191219exterior blog

Inside, this is what Island Grove looks like, compared to ours.

191219 interior

But old wooden buildings don’t stay pristine forever, especially in our climate. Thank goodness we have the expertise and the ability to make sure that the issues with our beloved Crocker Memorial Church, which unfortunately include replacing the major support beam under the west wall, can be historically corrected. Here’s where we are today, awaiting the raising of funds.

west wall 2019

Learn more about the challenge we face.

As you can imagine, replacing the support beam and refreshing the siding and reinstalling the (carefully stored for now) original windows on the west wall of the building will take a lot of money, all of which must be raised by the Historical Society.

Please support the new structural support beam.

You can send a check to HSoSC at 1260 12th Street, Sarasota FL 34236, or donate instantly with your credit card via our secure “Donate” button on our sidebar. You can even pledge a monthly amount if you choose. Thank you for helping keep the Crocker Memorial Church whole and healthy for today, and for all the tomorrows.

4 thoughts on “Please don’t let the Crocker Memorial Church die.

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  2. Perhaps reinstating your wonderful house walks will help to raise money. So disappointed there wasn’t one this year.

    • Audrey, those historic home tours were FAB weren’t they? Although many of our Historical Society members were volunteers and home hosts at these events, the tours were not a part of our outreach. I believe they were a tradition of the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation? There are so many historic groups in our area that it’s easy to get them mixed up… we’re the ones with the 2 wonderful buildings in Pioneer Park that are local gathering spots… and that need constant attention! I know you’ll want to be a part of preserving our history, so thank you for reaching out!

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