Doings around the Historical Society

It's been exciting around the Historical Society of Sarasota County!

It’s been a thrilling springtime around the Historical Society, planning for our next year.

The 2014 Giving Challenge this month was such a thrill and raised much needed funds. Our portion of the over $3 million raised was 32 donations for $1,725 through the Community Foundation. We will receive those funds less fees this summer. We also had private donations directly to HSOSC of $430 and those are already in the bank! Our monthly operating expenses run around $3,000 and over the summer months our income is quite low so these fundraising efforts are sorely needed. If you missed the opportunity to participate, we’d be delighted if you’d click the “Donate” button in our right-hand column to use any credit card (and you can even, if you like, opt for a recurring monthly donation). Of course, one of those old-fangled financial documents known as a check is also always warmly received!

We have had a very beneficial Strategic Planning retreat with the Board of Directors led by John McCarthy and on Monday we will meet to work out the calendar plans for the next season. We hope to have many returning events and perhaps many new types of activities that will help the coffers. Watch this space so you can fill in your 2014-2015 calendar when we firm it all up!

The Woman’s Club of Sarasota has met with us and are getting on board with enhancements for the Crocker Memorial Church. They are offering support in the form of creating pew cushions to soften our seating, and window shades to make viewing slide presentations and the like brighter and easier. We will be having a sewing bee (yes, seriously!) in the church on August 6, 2014 at 9:30am – all worker bees are welcome.

— Report by Linda Garcia, Site Manager

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4 thoughts on “Doings around the Historical Society

  1. I was so looking forward to joining the Historical Society this summer only to find on your web sight that there is apparently not mud activity in the summer. Is this so? Does this mean that the majority of members are snow birds???

    • Thanks for asking, Laura. It’s true, activity here does slow down in the summer, but that’s not a reflection of the makeup of our members. Rather, two things:
      * It’s hard to throw large events in Sarasota in the summer, such as our Pioneer Days and so on, because no one, from participants to volunteer workers, want to be out in the heat and humidity for hours on end;
      * Many of our full-time Sarasotans, born-and-bred or lovingly adopted, actually spend time in cooler climes during June, July, August and even September.

      I do hope that just because it’s hot and sticky here, that you will still consider becoming a member, and becoming involved, with the Historical Society! The maintenance efforts and costs DON’T take a summer break, and as you know, we receive no government funding for curating and caring for two of the oldest buildings in our county… we count on member dues, participation, and enthusiasm to do so!

      • I will certainly join and most likely in the next week. Just wondering if any of those remaining in town over the summer are interested in a book club or if one exists. If one does exist, but only meets during the non-summer months, perhaps those of us hanging around might put something together??!!! Any interest out there?? Is there a general site I should be posting this to??

        • Laura, a book club focusing on historical books… fiction or non-fiction… could be a great boon for our members. Why not stop by, Tues-Fri 10 to 2, to chat with Linda about how this might work? Or email her at

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