Can’t wait for a French Quarter Cuban

Sarasota’s first seasonal residents were Cuban fishermen, who set up “fish rancheros” on the coast to catch and preserve the fish that teemed in the bays here. And it was a mark of distinction to 19th century Sarasotans to import their fine furnishings from the elegant shops of New Orleans.

So a French Quarter Cuban sandwich on Saturday, at our Designer Tag Sale/ Trolley Tour event in scenic Pioneer Park on Saturday November 17 from 8 to 2?

Gumbo Mojo Food TRuck will be at the Designer Tag Sale at the Historical Society on Saturday November 17It’s  a natural!

We’re thrilled that the Gumbo Mojo food truck will be on site, and cooking us breakfast and lunch! Join us and make a real historical outing of it… including, natch, the chance to get great tag sale deals to help us keep the oldest residence in the county, the 1882 Bidwell-Wood House, and the 1901 Crocker Church, safe and secure from the elements. Shop, take the Trolley Tour, bring a blanket and have a Gumbo Mojo picnic on the banks of Hog Creek under the trees in Pioneer Park, shop some more (Don’t miss the Gift Shop full of local items… start your gift shopping for the holidays!), and enjoy our Day of Fun!

Read more about Saturday November 17 here. See all the wonderful goodies you can make a picnic on, from the Gumbo Mojo truck, here.

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