What’s the history of your house?

This family group had a lot of love for their home. Imagine the stories!

My house Up North came not with a simple deed, but with an abstract: a thick binder full of documentation. It was lost in a basement flood in the 1980’s, but I still remember the first few paragraphs of the oldest document in the collection, from the 1810s or 1820s

From the forked oak to the large elm just above high water on the west bank of the Scioto River…

While we know quite a bit about the history of the oldest residence in Sarasota County, the Bidwell-Wood House (and it helped that it was owned for over 70 years by the same family), there is always more to discover.

As there is, as well, with your house. Here’s 7 online resources that will help you trace your home’s history.

Tell us what you find!

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