Join us in honoring tradition at our Annual Meeting

dinner on the groundsOnce a year, the Historical Society has a pot-luck “dinner on the grounds,” just as our forebears did. At the same time, we come together to elect our public servants, as did our grandparents and great-grandparents.

And so we invite you to, in honor of history, join us for the HSOSC

Annual Meeting on Saturday May 12 at 11am.

Bring a dish to share (about 12 servings) and your questions for our proposed Slate of Officers and Directors*. If you would like to nominate from the floor other members to serve, you may do so at the meeting.

In another, bittersweet recognition of tradition, we will be commemorating the life and accomplishments of a true Sarasotan

Val SandellGeorge I. “Pete” Esthus

whose passing on May 4 2012 we mourn. Please join us in offering comfort and fond memories of Pete with his wife Diane and their family. If you would like to make a donation in Pete’s memory at this get-together, please see Linda Garcia, Site Manager, or any of the other Directors.

* Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors for the
Historical Society of Sarasota County for 2012-2013
one-year term of office – 2012-2013
Kate Holmes
one-year term of office – 2012-2013
Ron McCarty
two-year term of office – 2012-2014
Hope Black, Linda Garcia, Bill Watrous
Proposed Officers
Vice President Marsha Fottler 2012-2014
Treasurer Greg Dickinson 2012-2014
Corresponding Secretary Meade Ferguson 2012-2014

We will also be asking all members their preferences for volunteer tasks for the 2012-2013 season, and collecting email addresses so that we may utilize full-color email options for our Society newsletter, thus saving the membership tedious volunteer work and desperately-needed-elsewhere dollars.

We have borrowed the beautiful Florida sunset painting from Val Sandell, whose other works may be viewed at The vintage “dinner on the grounds” photograph is from Mississippi, and I’m betting some of our members will be able to date it for me from the automobile models!

We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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