What a perfect day today is.

The Historical Society needs your booksToday is the perfect day to go through your book collection and pull out those you will never read again. After all, someone else would love to read them, so let’s pass them on.

And those vintage items you have in cupboards, drawers, closets, that someone else needs to love anew? Pull those out too.

Vintage items for sale on Pioneer Day in Pioneer ParkDuring Pioneer Day at Pioneer Park, volunteers will be running a sales booth in the Crocker Church to raise funds

for a period-correct storage building to be tucked behind the kitchen/rest room pod. (Don’t forget to come shop, too. Who knows? You could find just the right thing to take the place of the thing your just donated.)

The storage building is vital to our ability to store and retrieve equipment for rental events and to keep the Bidwell-Wood House and the Church free of unsightly clutter. Since rentals are our main source of operating funds, we need the storage building to keep our historic buildings safe, secure, and educational to our community.

So clear out underloved books of any sorts (well, maybe not your computer books from 1995…) and any nostalgic, vintage items and bring them to HSOSC any day this week from 10am to 2pm, or better yet, bring them with you when you attend Tuesday evening’s meeting about the Ringlings!

I’ll bet THEY had lots of extra books and excess knick-knacks!

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