Le Barge Historic Sarasota Bay Tour date set!

The Historical Society’s Historic Sarasota Bay Tour is always a sellout,

so call the HSOSC office at 364-9076 to charge your tickets on VISA or Mastercard and reserve your sunny, breezy, pastry-laden seat! UPDATE: The last Bay Tours were sell-outs. The first one of the season will be Sunday November 4, 2012; call for your reservations now!  Always a Sunday, always from 11am to 1pm, always delightful.


6 thoughts on “Le Barge Historic Sarasota Bay Tour date set!

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  6. I think this will be my 5th or 6th historic Le Barge Cruise, and I wouldn’t miss it !!! John McCarthy is one of the most fun historic narrators, whether on land or sea, and it doesn’t matter if the Capt. decides on the day we leave the dock, to go North or South along the bay front, John makes it a fascinating voyage! Don’t miss it and remember to change your clocks the night before!!

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