A Sarasota Treasure: History Author Jeff LaHurd

Jeff LaHurd's Sarasota: A HistoryJeff LaHurd is one of our best-loved Sarasota authors and a great friend to HSoSC and indeed, all of the historically-focused groups in our area. He’s written many books, each of which is well worth having on your historical Sarasota bookshelf. Browse through one of his best, Sarasota: A History, on Google Books.

While you’re there, leave a review. I’m sure Jeff would appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “A Sarasota Treasure: History Author Jeff LaHurd

  1. I have done some interesting research into the origin of the name Sarasota, and have written an article on this with some humorous variations. Please contact me if you wish to post it here.

  2. I have lived on Lido since I bought my house on Garfield in 1992. I have been contacted by the man who lived in my (now) house as a boy in 1958+ (when it was built). He has sent me some great photographs (Lido Casino) and postcards (like new, the old causeway) from the Lido Casino, Ringling Bros. (i.e. a bear on a ball) etc. He would like these to to make their way into a collection to be shared with all.

    Please advise if you can help.

    Jim Cooney, 720 Garfield Drive

    • Thanks Jim, for your note. We would love to have these photos, and we’d love to hear the gentleman’s stories as well! Our Site Manager, Linda Garcia, can be reached at hsosc@yahoo.com or by phone at 941-364-9076. Her office hours are 10 to 2 Monday thru Friday. We also have a program, Ordinary Historians, which videotapes and makes available to the public stories of our county, which Linda can tell you (or your friend) all about!

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