Many thanks for thinking of us

We appreciate your consideration of a donation to The Historical Society of Sarasota County.

If you’ve run across an electronic obstacle when donating, please know that we, being of course an historical society, appreciate the good, old-fashioned Check in the Mail just as much as this new-fangled thing called the Internet. Our mailing address is HSoSC, PO Box 1632, Sarasota, FL 34230, or, if you’d like, stop by any day, M-F 10 to 2, to drop a check off with our Site Manager, Linda Garcia.

If there’s a question we can answer, give Linda a call during those same hours at 941-364-9076.

If you would rather donate time and talent than cash, we are always pleased to expand our volunteer corps. Chat with Linda and she’ll help you find the best (and most fun!) use for your skills.

The Historical Society's gardenAnd know that you are always welcome to stop by our site at Pioneer Park in Sarasota to attend a meeting or event, or just enjoy our Florida-friendly landscape and the view from our beautiful back porch!

We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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