Plus all the pignut hickory nuts your pigs can eat.

You might not have a pig (although any self-respecting Sarasotan would have had #backintheday) but if you do… what a harvest! If you didn’t

join us for Garden CleanUp Day last Saturday, you missed doing a good deed,

having some outdoors fun,

learning about our native plantings,

making some new friends

and (dare I say it?) [Sweatin’ With the Oldies!]

When else can you wear your oldest clothes, cuss at overgrown vegetation, and beautify your surroundings? (Tip: Intermittent gardeners, walkway sweepers, etc always welcome. Linda can tell you what needs done and unlock the fridge full of refreshing treats too.)

And just think: we get to do it all over again on Saturday May 7 2022. Save the date!

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