Our Summer Fundraising Challenge has been MET!

Imagine the excitement when our site manager, Linda Garcia, received a communication from one of our supporters saying that a matching $10,000 would be donated, if we could get just 10 more Historical Society lovers to give $1,000 each to help the Society continue its mission.

Imagine how our Board of Directors was so thrilled to realize that this anonymous donor was challenging others to donate a significant amount by offering to double their donations.

And finally, imagine not just those who stepped up with $1,000 to turn it into $2,000… but also the many many members who loved the idea, and whose contributions reflected their monetary ability to cheer us all on!

To all who heeded the call from a small nonprofit struggling in these times to keep the two historical Sarasota buildings we protect, preserve, and present… we are so proud to tell the world that

Our Summer Fundraising Challenge has been MET!

Thanking the donors whose generosity helped The Historical Society of Sarasota County meet its Summer Challenge Matching Grant!

3 thoughts on “Our Summer Fundraising Challenge has been MET!

  1. Absolutely wondeful. Many thanks to all those who stepped up and donated and to our
    :usual suspects” our wonderful board, our fabulous site manager and angel, Linda, Lovely Kate who keeps all so very entertained and informed, all of you “Bless you” from the bottom of my heart. Sue P.

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