Sunshine Springs and Gardens

Well, I was just going to share with you, the scans Rex Carr posted of the program for the opening of a Sarasota attraction you might never have heard of.

But the whole thing got a bit out of hand so I had to make it into a full-length article. It’s on our Articles Page now, and well-worth your time (and mine!) Go read. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Springs and Gardens

  1. Great historic stories! Keep me coming, Kate! Thank you! When we owned the Blue Heron fruit shop, we’d deliver fresh squeezed orange juice all over sarasota, including to the Azure Tides restaurant for their BEST SUNDAY BRUNCHES! Chef Peter Schroll made the best Egges Benedict and his Mushroom soup was outrageously delicious! Thanks for the memories!

  2. I loved seeing this. In 1954 my grandparents, Tom and Leah Connolly, had a house built in Sarasota Springs based on the model advertised in this brochure It was the third house built on McIntosh Road when it was still a dirt road. When Sunshine Springs opened the next year they got excited and bought 10 lots including two waterfront lots. They thought it would be a great investment. After the attraction failed they sold the lots for what they paid in 1977. [Ed. note: I think Jon meant 1957?] [and wonder what those lots would be worth now?]

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