Christmas Card from Sarasota 1936

There’s just SO many holiday wishes we here at the Historical Society want to send you, we decided we’d send you one every day this week! Hope that means your festivities will be seven times as merry… even if perhaps, the pandemic has cramped your style. Here’s to looking forward to seeing this corona virus be history soon.

So here’s our first holiday wish, one sent by an esteemed Sarasota resident:

More about Joe Steinmetz from Sarasota History Alive.

And Joe, back in the 1950’s when folks posed with that which they loved.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Card from Sarasota 1936

  1. I have never had any problem receiving my e-mail msgs from you-all over the years – HOWEVER, lately your msg appears as a H U M O N G O U S spread of text which I cannot read……what’s happening out there ??!! can you FIX this annoyance ??? THANX, Deanna scudo

    • Hey Deanna, so sorry for this “annoyance”…
      if you’re speaking of the amount of words, for that I apologize (I just get so excited!) and I promise I won’t feel slighter if you scan rather than read. Not everyone is as passionate about local history, I understand.
      If it’s the physical size of the actual text you’re receiving, that’s not us.
      DO let me know if by humongous you mean “Too Long; Didn’t Read” and I’ll try to get my message across quicker so as not to cut into your day.

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