Celebrating your Flanniversary

How do you celebrate your Flanniversary?

The Diving Girl signified a motel with a swimming pool

You don’t? What kind ofheathen are you? (Florida natives, forgive me. This chastisement is not intended for you.)

When you arrived in Florida from Up North, you gained a day to celebrate, to drink fancy tourist-y drinks and stick a candle in a Key Lime pie. Have some snow crab and some swamp cabbage. Or at least, go to Publix.

Don’t miss out! Celebrate today! (Well, celebrate on your anniversary.)
You know that sign:

Florida/ I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could

That’s a sign to be proud of. We may have been born in New York, went to college in Ohio, raised the kids in Virginia and Iowa… but we all got here as fast as we could, and that’s worth an annual party, right?

(Ed. Note: My Flanniversary is July 17. It was the hottest July on record, and after he hauled boxes and boxes from the van to the new-to-us house, my sweaty honey reckoned as how maybe we’d made a grave mistake. I cranked up the AC, gave him a cool beverage, and jumped in the pool.)

Recognize our illustration as the Jantzen logo? Read about the history of the Red Diving Girl here.

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