Pretty is as pretty does: Do we do?

Once a year, in late October, we have a Clean-Up Day on our campus in Pioneer Park. Like this one. And this one.

These work days give you the opportunity to get out in the real world, make some socially-distanced friends, and learn a bit about gardening in Florida and Florida-friendly plants

norma kwenskiThis year, it’s Saturday October 24. Come help our Board of Directors and members “Clean Up” our beautiful campus.

Maybe you’ve never stopped to admire our garden? Now’s the chance to not only examine it in detail, but to lend a beautifying hand for an hour or two.

bob fottler

We need you people, your tools, your ambition and your muscles. Male muscles are always welcome, even if you have to bribe them (we will have something to eat to keep workers from fainting from hunger, snack stuff, and something to drink. Nothing fancy. Very “aw honey do I have to actually participate in our community?” type food.) Bring your gloves and your gardening tools!

Kids and grandkids welcome, too. They can learn how to care for the environment, heck how to weed… and when they get bored, there’s a playground right next to us in Pioneer Park.

The more hands, the easier and faster the work. Thanks so very much. Take this opportunity to see one another while socially distanced.


The Historical Society's Landscape Chair, Sue PaddenIt’s an open house 9 to noon... come when you can, stay as long as you wish, bring that bored teenager with you. Just look for Sue, our silver-locked probably-older-than-you volunteer who organizes this every year.

See you Saturday morning, October 24. Just think: everyone can participate, even if just for an hour. And you can make a visible, and PRETTY, difference. No RSVP necessary, just show up ready to get some fresh air and feel good about working the land!

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