4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ron McCarty

  1. Hello Mr. McCarty. This is Alex Bush. Congratulations to you. If you recall I was commissioned to restore and install All window treatments in the Car D Zan during the restoration. I would like to visit in the near future and see that my work has held up over the years and to make any necessary adjustments that may be required. It would feel like a trip back in time to meet with you and the mansion once again. Thank You for the experience and the true stories I have been given.

    • Mr. Bush, Ron has retired. If you’d like to contact Ca’ D’Zan, we’re sure they’d be delighted to have a visit from you.

  2. What a talented, intelligent, very special gentleman. It’s Sarasota’s loss. We will miss his presence and just knowing that he was taking such good care of Ca’Dzan for John/Mable, our neighbors!! We wish him the very best in his next exciting venture. Bill & Ali Kleber

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